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Thanos Vs Darkseid: Who Will Come Out On Top?

DC and Marvel always against each other in terms of the level of competition. from their protagonists to the antagonists they have tried every possible way to be ahead of each other.

Darkseid is regarded as one of the best villains of the DC universe whereas Thanos leading the charge for Marvel. They both are invincible at a stage when they reached out their maximum level of energy. Even fans from both Universe tend to compare both giants respectively.


However, Darkseid has never been an on-screen character in DCEU, but still, he is a New God Villain. His special abilities such as Omega Beams from his eyes and hands can provide severe damage to anyone. Even they have the capacity to kill anyone and destroyed planets with his beams.


The mad Titan who is a supervillain in Marvel Universe possesses the power of infinity stones. By acquiring them he is the most powerful and can wipe out the whole universe in just a snap.

Why Do Fans compare Both?

They both are a bigger threat to Mankind’s race and has an aim to destroy the whole universe. Their nature, motives are the same and never run from any situation and almost killed everyone out of their way. They possess powers that could be the reason for the extinction of several races. And above all, they both regarded as the biggest villain of their respective universe.

It is God against a Mad Titan. Darkseid Beams can destroy Thanos body in just a matter of seconds, his beams are so extremely dangerous that it destroyed planets. He has a quick presence of mind and intellects which can easily presume

Thanos with Infinity stones can be much lethal for Darkseid and almost finishes the war in style. He is also influential without the stones, his combat abilities can’t be questioned and gauntlet would be a bonus for him.

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