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Who Killed Bryce Walker13? Answer Inside

Season three of 13 Reasons Why is officially out and fans who have binge-watched the show already know who killed Bryce Walker.

But for anyone who wants to watch the show this article will be a major spoiler so in case you still have to watch the show skip this article. Now we all know the major theme for this season was finding out who actually killed Bryce Walker and we have an answer for all your queries.

There is ofc one main killer to the story but there are other people who have played a partial role in it first one being Zack who took revenge from beating Bryce and leaving him unconscious he thought that he was reason Bryce was killed but reports later came out that he was actually drowned.

Source – Spin 1038

Alex and Jessica went over to meet Bryce when he was left there beaten up by Zack. Alex tried to help him but he snapped when Bryce started yelling at Jessica. Alex later pushed Bryce off the docks and Bryce drowned Jessica just stood there and watched the whole thing but didn’t say anything.

So in some way or the other Zack, Alex, and Jessica all three played a major role in Bryce Walker’s death if you haven’t seen the show yet go ahead and watch. Another major thing that neither of them got convicted or charged for his murder but we do see the truth coming out in season four but fans will have to wait until them.

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