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Will UEFA Really Going To Scrap Away Goal Rule In European Cups Competition?

The biggest competition in football on club level is UCL, (UEFA Champions League), various teams from various leagues battle out each other for the coveted trophy. This Competition has various positive and negative impacts on the football.

Away Goal rule is acting such a lethal weapon in UEFA competitions that it will turn the game on its head and quickly changes the condition of the game.

More About Away Goal

Away goal is a rule in which a team gets an advantage after scoring goals in the home ground of the opponent team. The team has an advantage if the away leg worked fine for them and they don’t concede too many goals or the same amount of goals you scored in your away game.

Conditions of Away Goal

  • A match should be of two legs
  • elimination rounds

For example, If Team A scored two away goals in the first leg of the game then didn’t concede even a single goal in the 2nd leg then the aggregate score will be 2-0 and Team A declared the winner.

But if Team A scored two goals and also conceded two then the game is on.

If Team A had one away goal and conceded two at home and score is 2-2 then Team B directly qualify on away goals.

Why Scrap Away Goals

The simple motive of scrapping the away goal is to simply maintain the level of competition in fair form. So there is no advantage for any team regarding the away goals, this rule destroyed many games and underrate the performance of a team who played well in both legs.

Will It Happen?

it could be possible as away goal rule is such a pain for some teams as one team could get more advantage of the situation. So an aggregate scoreline should be concerned than the implementation of away goal rule. The decision could get in both ways as the rule could be to dump by the governing body or it could remain as it is. UEFA Champions League competition will begin next month and then we can see what happened to the initiative.

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