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Money Heist Season 3: What Exactly Are Neymar’s Scenes From Season 3?

The third season of “Money Heist” premiered on Netflix on July 19, but only on Tuesday, August 27, the streaming platform released the scenes that Neymar made for the series created by Alex Pina. The Brazilian soccer player announced his signing through a video where he appears with the characteristic red monkey and Dalí’s mask.

“I was able to realize my dream of being part of my favorite series, and now I can share it with all of you! Thanks, @lacasadepapel! # LCDP3 #nuevofichaje #lacasadepapel,” reads the post shared by the famous footballer on his Instagram account.

Neymar recorded a pair of cameos in the sixth and eighth episode of the third season of Money Heist, but due to the accusation of rape whose trial was still pending when the Spanish series premiered, these scenes were eliminated.

However, in early August, the Brazilian justice announced that it was filing the case “for not having enough evidence”, which encouraged Netflix to release the sequences in which the player participates.

The footballer plays Joao Santos, a Brazilian monk, who lives in the monastery in which Berlin lives while planning the coup to the Bank of Spain with Palermo and the Professor; and appears specifically in episode 6, minute 3:42; and at 8, minute 2:02.

First Scene:

Together with Father Giovanni, who offers fruits from the garden, comes the monk Joao, to whom Neymar gives life. In this scene, which lasts a few seconds, Andrés de Fonollosa asks him about his Gregorian chants and wishes them a good day.

Second Scene:

When Andres talks about what characterizes Brazil: magic, party, and football, the character of Neymar respond: “I don’t like football or the party”, but before retiring the monk admits, “in the World Cup always I pray a lot for our selection.”

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