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Is Justin Bieber Suffering From Maniac Depression? Here’s Everything You Should Know About His Critical Situation

How bad is Justin Bieber really? The singer seems to be suffering from a disease that has already plagued many creative minds …

For years we have been experiencing Justin Bieber (25) turning from boy to man in the eyes of the world. Again and again, there were excesses, collapses and then again phases of forgiveness. And although it is very good for him in terms of love and career right now, he seems to be experiencing a difficult phase right now.

The artist finds refuge in difficult times, especially in his faith and his community. Only this week he played a small concert in his church.

On Instagram, he is currently very open about his feelings. Back in March, he told his fans that he is not feeling well. During his long tour around the world, he felt increasingly lonely and isolated. An emotional state that he, unfortunately, knows only too well, because Justin Bieber suffers for years from depression, panic attacks and ADHD (attention deficit disorder).

While ADHD is a chronic disease with ups and downs, depression usually comes in spurts. Especially among creative artists, the disease form “manic depression” is often found.

In this type of depression, “good” creative phases alternate with “bad” depressive phases. In the good times, the person sprays with a zest for life and is often perceived by their environment as being outstandingly energetic and charismatic, while in the bad times the person falls into a deeper hole than sadness and listlessness. Not infrequently, the circle of admiration then turns away.

Justin Bieber is by no means the first to be open about his mental health problems: Ryan Gosling, 38, has been diagnosed with ADHD, Lady Gaga, 33, is openly talking about her panic attacks and Demi Lovato, 27, was hospitalized in 2010 because of her depression.

As with any illness, whether physical or mental, social support in recovery helps immensely. Fortunately, his wife, Hailey Baldwin (22), does not give up on him, as promised, even in the bad times.

On Instagram, he sincerely thanked her for that. We hope that the musician gets better soon.

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