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8 Best To-Do List Apps for Student Personal Task Management

Often students feel that the day was really busy and crazy, but there is no feeling of getting the desired results. However, the trick is in the fact that there was no proper planning. Properly set goals will make it possible to quickly realize them in life and not put off for later. Students need to learn how to plan tasks and complete them on time.  Fortunately, many applications have been created to solve these problems today and make your progress obvious.

Modern apps will help you easily create tasks, organize them, set reminders, and even create an interesting design. Today, we have prepared for you eight applications with the help of which all this can be turned into reality!

Google Keep

Our list will begin with this application. It does not differ with any super-functions but has a basic set of capabilities. If you are the one who needs to create notes quickly then this is a great option.

The advantage is that data will be accessible from all devices. This is possible due to synchronization. Another plus is that you can take voice notes, save pictures, and mark tasks that have already been done. In general, if you like minimalism, and are not a fan of various bells and whistles, then you will like this application.

Remember The Milk

Many users remain faithful to this application in spite of its prescription. In fact, the possibilities overlap with similar applications, but it has a key feature that is very convenient for organizing work.

What is this feature? When you are working on a joint academic assignment, you can create a list of tasks and mark a specific project member under each of them. It is very convenient not to remind everyone of his responsibilities each time. That is why it remains relevant today.


This application will help organize and manage your tasks without any obstacles. It’s possible to create both lists and tasks. Then you can rank them based on priority and even set deadlines and reminders.

If you are really slow in fulfilling tasks, you can set sound reminders with time intervals that will activate you to work. Well, or at least annoying you. Also, you can set a timer for the duration of each task. In general, if in addition to the task, you need some external impulse to start doing it, download this application as soon as possible.


This application will also not give you any difficulty in managing tasks and deadlines. But it is necessary to highlight the fact that the application is suitable for long-running tasks. There is an option to drag and drop files. For example, if you are working on a dissertation, you may divide it into chapters and download already done parts of the work to track your progress. 

In general, you will not have questions about how to organize your tasks. Everything is very simple and clear. Thus, if you like to get down to business immediately, rather than wasting time to figure out the functionality of the to-do list application, you can safely install this personal assistant.

I Done This

If you need to learn how to prioritize your tasks, then this application will help you. In fact, you’ll find all the same functions and features as similar applications on the market. But still it has its individuality, so to speak.

By the way, this is the best option if you want to create a daily to-do list and monitor its implementation. It’s very easy to keep track of your performance.


If you like to highlight your tasks in different colors, then this application is just for you. It is suitable for improving productivity through reminders and allows you to fully control all your tasks.

As you already understood, in the application, you can edit your text and emphasize the necessary information. But there is one more interesting advantage! The application has a sharing feature. That is, you can create a to-do list and provide it to your friends or classmates. So if you are doing a joint project or preparing for a party, the application will help you plan everything!



This to-do list application will also please users with the ability to customize their tasks in a non-standard way. If you love to classify tasks in different colors or styles, then here it is easy.

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Here you are also given the opportunity to set deadlines and sound reminders. In general, this is a great application for those who need to not only create tasks but also enjoy spending a little time to make a task’s design beautiful.


Here you can create checklists to which link tasks and subtasks. And of course, set reminders to monitor your progress. This application is also simple. The design of the application is created in such a way that all actions will be intuitive to you.

By the way, there is no need to create checklists from scratch. A whole library of templates will be provided for your attention. Just choose the most suitable and get started. There is also no problem sharing your list with the people you need. Therefore, this is also a good option for students who are doing a joint project or preparing for a joint event.

As already mentioned, it is important for students to learn how to identify tasks and be responsible for their implementation. What for? This is an excellent skill that will be useful to you not only in life but also at work. Believe, it’s better to start doing this as a student than to spend months on it during your internship or your first job. Start developing your time-management skills using one of the applications and increase your productivity.


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