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5 Things You Should Know Before Watching Riverdale Season 4

Source:⁸#1 The Tribute

It has long been clear that in the fourth season of “Riverdale” there will be a series in honor of “Fred Andrews” actor Luke Perry. KJ Apa, who plays his son “Archie Andrews” in the Netflix series, has now revealed in an interview what this sad farewell will look like: “Everything in this first episode is so authentic and so real that it is not felt like we were making a sequel to our show, “ says the cute Australian. Who knows “Riverdale”, will understand that, after all, the series is often very crazy and of course fictional throughout.“It was really emotional for us, too hard, because you have to go in and get those emotions out – not everyone feels so good, but it’s really been a beautiful episode, the producers have outdone themselves,” enthuses KJ. We are really curious to see what the episode will look like and hope that the stars on the set will help each other with the mourning process.

#2 Death In Season 4

At Comic-Con in San Diego, America, Netflix producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has revealed that there will be a super exciting Halloween episode. Sounds cool first, but then the shocking message: One of the cast members will die in the fourth season of “Riverdale”! Read which of your favorites are spared in any case.

#3 First Season Without Luke Perry

As you all know, filming of the fourth season of “Riverdale” started. But there’s a big change on the set that’s still hard on the performers: The death of Luke Perry has left a huge gap in the lives of the actors. It is still a secret, as it will continue without the “Fred Andrews” actor. We never forget the actor and his teammates constantly think about him. “Alice Cooper” actress Girl Amick posted a picture of the first day of the “Riverdale” crew and wrote: “On our first day of shooting, there was nothing but love, memories, and mourning in honor of our beloved Luke.– so nice! In the spirit and in our memories, Luke will always live on.

#4 Hints From Casey Cott

“Riverdale” actor Casey Cott (Kevin Keller) has already revealed the first secrets to the fourth season in an interview. If you want to know how it continues for him and especially Ashleigh Murray (Josie) with the “Katy Keene” spin-off, then you should read here, as it continues in the fourth season of “Riverdale” . At the Comic-Con in Munich, the actor has even revealed that Season 4 should be quite different than its predecessors. In a Meet & Greet Casey Cott revealed that the fourth season is again more similar to the first season. Many fans have just criticized in the third season that the Netflix series has become a bit too crazy. That should change again and “Riverdale” return to its roots. So we are very curious about how the story will continue.

#5 Release Date Of Riverdale Season 4

Mark the 5th of October in the calendar. There will be a very special episode this season: a full episode in memory of the late “Riverdale” star Luke Perry.

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