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18-Year-Old Ohio Woman Accused Of Killing Newborn Texted Her Mother She Was Happy, ‘My Belly Is Back OMG’

An 18-year old Ohio woman name Brooke Skylar Richardson accused of killing her baby in 2017 and buried near a backyard barbeque pit. After some time, when the child was buried, Richardson texted her mother that ” ‘I’m speechless and happy that my belly is back.”

Brooke Skylar Richardson now 20 years old is facing several charges that include aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter, endangering a child, tampering with evidence and gross abuse of a corpse in the year 2017 death.

Steven Knippen, an Assistant prosecutor, told the court about the text message that Richardson allegedly sent to her mother hours after she buried her chid, stating how she was “speechless” to have her body shape “back,”

Prosecutors believe that Richardson killed her baby on May 6 or May 7 and the child’s body wasn’t found until July 14.”I am literally speechless with how happy I am my belly is back OMG … ” this is exactly what Brooke Skylar Richardson had texted to her mother.

Brooke Skylar Richardson, a high school cheerleader, was informed by her doctor in April 2017 that she would give birth to a child “matter of weeks,” Richardson got extremely upset and told her doctor that she could not have the child and asked that she not tell anyone. After some days, she gave birth to a child in the middle of the night. According to Prosecutor she killed the baby and buried it in the backyard by a barbeque pit, erasing of all evidence.

Residents of an Ohio town are not happy after seeing Brooke Skylar Richardson, who was accused of killing her newborn baby. A new doctor reported to police when Richardson returned to refill her birth control pills. She was not known that this new doctor had been informed by her previous doctor about the pregnancy. Richardson was called, and she confessed what she had done with the infant.

Prosecutor said that Richardson’s mother was worried about her appearance and eye on her weight. They said the doctor’s office unintentionally sent her an email about the woman’s pregnancy.

Richardson’s defense team said that the child was born dead and reacted appropriately when she found out so late in the pregnancy that she was expecting. Her lawyer argued she suffered from eating disorders which affected her weight and menstrual cycle – making the clues harder to find.

The defense also said that Richardson named the child, buried her and placed flowers over the grave. Statements were followed by testimony from three witnesses, and if it is convicted, then the accused could face up to life behind bars.

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