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Men’s Rings – To Wear or Not to Wear?

Cufflinks and tie clips are practically out of use today, at least outside office premises. What else can guys put on to add some zest to their look? The most popular answer will be ‘rings’.

Types of Men’s Rings

There are two ever-popular designs – bands and signets. They dramatically vary in appearance. While bands are rather simplistic, in the shape of a hoop, sometimes embellished with embossing or engraving, signets feature large round, oval, rare square plates. They can bear engraving and embossing too, which refer to the original purpose of signets – seal letters and other correspondence. While traditionally signets didn’t have stone inlays, modern models often flash a halo of small gems around the plate. 

Design-wise, men’s rings can be:

  • typically male: imposing in size, featuring skulls and other leftfield symbols, with larger-than-life inserts and inlays, showing off embossing, blackening, etc.;
  • unisex, suitable for both men and women. A traditional wedding ring, for example, can migrate from a male’s hand to female’s.

Men’s Rings Designs

Since the times of Ancient Mesopotamia, it is customary to depict family coats of arms, monograms, and personalized symbols on men’ rings. Today, the most typical designs include:

  • engraving or embossing on the outer and inner sides of the ring;
  • small gems; 
  • owner’s initials engraved on signets;
  • various finishing including blackening, satin, brushed, hammered, sandblast textures, etc.

Why do Men not Like Rings?

There are many stereotypes of why rings are not for men. In a nutshell, some guys refuse to wear rings because of they:

  • look too feminine;
  • draw undesired attention;
  • unnecessary on the fingers constantly involved in work;
  • too aristocratic or elitist, “not for real men”.

Despite all prejudices, rings are popular with the majority of men.


Why Men Wear Rings?

For many, a ring is a symbol of personal wealth and prosperity. Classic models are usually made of noble metals – silver, platinum, white gold, palladium. Gold is a luxury metal screaming of how rich its owner is. But be careful, massive gold rings are rather tasteless than stylish. Platinum rings are very pricy but elegant and chic. Silver men’s rings, despite an affordable price, are classy and noble. Depending on the design, they will perfectly blend with outfits of any style. Titanium, steel, and tungsten rings are a good alternative to precious metals. They are hypoallergenic and relatively inexpensive.

Jewelry with an original design will suit extraordinary and artistic men. Custom-made, these rings will look perfect on your fingers and emphasize your individuality.

Men’s wedding rings can have a huge impact on your life. A simple wedding band conveys that this man has already found his place in life, his intentions are serious, he is ready to bear obligations, he is not alone. It takes only one glace to understand what this man is and what his goals are.

The bottom line, men’s rings can tremendously elevate your style, if, of course, they are chosen wisely. With such a wealth of styles, materials, and designs, you won’t find it hard to unearth ‘your’ ring. And if you can’t, just draw a design and got it custom made. 

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