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‘IT’ Chapter 3? Will Pennywise And The Losers Club Return For A Third Installment

Recently released movie, IT Chapter 2 completes the saga adapted from Stephen King’s bestselling novel. Director Andy Muschietti has hinted at the possibility that he has more stories to tell, and that he is open to the possibility of directing the third film in the IT franchise.

The first installment, IT (2017) was a massive hit for Warner Bros. and New Line that grossed $700 million worldwide.

IT Chapter 2 is also going to be a blockbuster hit. Nothing can stop the sequel being an even bigger hit. It all begs the question of whether a sequel is really the end of the wildly successful IT saga or whether the story can somehow continue in IT 3 or a prequel.

Director Andy Muschietti has discussed the possibility of more IT movies- “This is the conclusion of the book, so there is no part three. This is the end of the journey of the Losers against Pennywise.”

Then he added “But, as we all know the mythology is very rich, and in Stephen King’s book Pennywise has been around for a million years, he’s been in contact with humans for at least five hundred years, and he comes back every twenty-seven years. So, if you go back and back and back and back, you’ll see a lot of drama.”

So an IT prequel would make sense. IT Chapter 2 reflects Stephen King’s origin for Pennywise that the evil clown is actually not from this world but arrived on Earth millions of years ago.

There is more from backstory to explore, from IT(Pennywise) attacking every 27 years for centuries. This would also enable the franchise to include new characters to face Pennywise in other time intervals. Given how famous and profitable IT Chapter 2 looks to become, it’s a secure bet that horror enthusiasts haven’t viewed the last of Pennywise.

IT: Chapter 2 is now playing in theaters nationwide.

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