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Will Venom Ever Debut In MCU After Sony-Marvel Dispute?

Tom hardy perfectly nailed his role as venom and the biggest bonus is that he got a standalone appearance in the film. Basically, Venom is an antagonist in the spider-man universe but in the movie, he seemed just opposite to its nature.

But now the concern is that will venom be a part of spider-man series? We have some assumptions:

How it could be possible?

Spider-man far from home has already shown that there are two characters have a main focus. Mysterio and Sand Man for the antagonist, so there is no place for the venom to feature right now. But in the near future, there is a chance that Spider-man could meet Venom in the third installment. However, his MCU featuring is in much doubt after a heavy dispute of Sony and Marvel over Spider-Man. So if he ever gets featured in Spider-Man movie that could not be a part of MCU for sure.

Antagonist or Companion

Venom could feature in next Spider-man movie but what would be the nature of the beast. It is a symbiote which requires a body for its survival. It gives immense power and reflexes to the person whom it accompanied. Eddy Brock already connected with the Venom and he is quite under his control excluding hunger problems. So it looks like he has higher chances of becoming a companion rather than a mighty villain. But who knows if odds will get against him and he will also become one who wants to do collateral damage and kill innocent people.

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