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4 Hollywood Stars Late Rapper ‘Mac Miller’ Dated At The Prominent Time Of His Career

It is one year since Mac Miller died on 7 September 2018, and there is still plenty of talk about his love life to this day. Although the “Cinderella” rapper had at least one high-profile connection, most of his romances appear to be low-key.

However, we did the study and established a definitive list of Miller’s girlfriends. They’re here.

Nomi Leasure

Leasure was supposedly the sweetheart of Miller’s high school. The swimming crooner would have loved his prom and eventually moved from Los Angeles to Brooklyn together when Miller’s career started to expand.

“It’s dope to just put your sh*t with your kid in a U-Haul and drive to New York,” Miller told Grantland in 2015. He said that they lived with their two cats in a swanky apartment: Scout and Atticus.

Although supporters might not have seen much of Leasure, many of Miller’s musical projects, such as The Divine Feminine, are supposedly influenced by her.

Ariana Grande

After his division in leisure, Miller has up-to-dated Ariana Grande, with whom he reportedly instigated chemistry while collaborating on her 2013 song, “The Way.” After weeks of sparkling rumors, Grande confirmed the relationship on Instagram in September of 2016.

Miller opened the same year, explaining how her relationship has evolved over the years, “We hung out for a long time and things just occurred organically.”

“She’s very comfortable and warm,” he added. “She’s so caring but we’ve got a lot of fun too. We’re going on adventures. Adventures can be targeted in the vehicle. It’s great that you can’t do anything and do so much.”

Tana Mongeau

Until his death, the world did not understand precisely about Miller’s supposed connection with this YouTuber. On Instagram, Mongeau stated that they had a secret romance, exchanging intimate texts which demonstrate the rapper’s admiration.

“You have this love of life and what you do has made it ten times more difficult for me to fall for you,” Mongeau supposedly wrote in the now published subtitle. “My soul is shattered, what I would do to kiss me one last time and tuck my hair behind my ear.”

Julia Kelly

Miller’s alleged romance with the personality of Instagram wasn’t made public until after his death either. Kelly opened up her reported romance on social media to share emails where she seemed to say how much she enjoyed each other.

“Waking up was a dream next to you. I’ll miss your sweet kisses and affection on the forehead, “Kelly wrote in the phrase. “One last time I would offer anything to speak to you and express my love. I love you forever, Malcolm.”

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