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Man Murdered His Girlfriend And Rapped About Her In Karaoke Bar About Murdering And Burying Her

A Californian person now under arrest, supposedly, appears in a bar-karaoke video about murdering and burying someone on the very day she disappeared.

“I was like that at first, did he tell that?”Michael Moore tells us, filming the video on Monday night. On Tuesday Moore said he saw the same person on TV, Robert Camou, 27, pulled out in handcuffs after a standoff with the police in downtown Los Angeles.

“The same man, in my mind, no doubt,” Moore said.

The Karaoke rap at King Eddy Saloon occurred when the police searched for Camou, who, at the death of his 31-year-old friend, Amanda Custer, they had named previously on Monday.

Custer is still missing.

According to a Los Angeles County Sheriff Department press release, the police called Camou’s home at 8.15 a.m. for an alleged domestic violence report. None of the two was discovered on Monday, but signs of an attack discovered.

The proof was blood, the murder of the sheriff Lt. Scott Hoglund informed the media, publishes the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

A volatile couple connection, which had been around for two years, had resulted in “many occurrences of domestic violence,” Hoglund claimed.

Camou was charged with a bail breach in court Monday, in line with the court documents quoted, linked to previous criminal allegations including assault and domestic violence against Custer.

According to reports, Custer was removed from the scene on Monday after a witness informed the investigators that Camou was reportedly observed to place her body in the loader box of a gray Toyota Prius.

That night in the bar Moore saw and filmed the guy he later acknowledged as taking the microphone.

“I murdered my [explorative] and buried that [explorative] in the mud,” the guy is heard in Moore’s grabbing video.

The guy then “referred to the police and now had to close his mouth, and he left,” Moore says.

“I believe everyone in the bar who heard him stopped somehow,” Moore said. “Time stopped just now. There were a few hardcore rappers there, and they stopped.” Authorities that issued a Prius warning found the car around 2:45 a.m. Less than one mile from the bar on Tuesday, with Camou sitting in the back seat. Once he refused to leave, a standoff followed until he had been washed by tear gas and detained at approximately 7:30 a.m. as reported.

He is under arrest for suspicion of burglary and domestic violence. An attorney who could talk for him was not recognized instantly.

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