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13 Reasons Why Star Quits Social Media After Being Bullied And Harassed By Fans Online

13 Reasons Why season 3 star Grace Saif has left Instagram in the hit youthful adult drama after being trolled about her character Ani Achola. The protagonist is a fresh student who was introduced in the third season and is the new narrator at the Netflix show.

Fans of the series had a negative reaction to Ani and how she was not linked to the first two seasons occurrences. Some people did private assaults, too.

At present, her Instagram account is still “active” with more than 23,000 supporters, but no messages or profile images are available, as reported.

Timothy Granaderos, co-star of Saif’s 13 Reasons Why later defended her on Instagram. “One of the highlights of our show is to be attentive to each other. I’ve seen some very unpleasant things being told online about a fresh personality. You’re all enthusiastic and we enjoy it, but kindly attempt to be kind and honor the job of the skilled actress behind the personality,” he wrote.

The first season of 13 reasons Why follows the suicide of a young high school girl, Hannah Baker, performed by Katherine Langford, is based on a novel of the same title by Jay Asher. She leaves 13 sound recordings on cassette tapes that speak about why she was murdered.

Season 2 takes place after Hannah’s death and the beginning of the complex journeys to healing and regeneration of our characters. The riveting third season of 13 reasons Why increases stakes after the Liberty High Spring Fling tragedy has been prevented. But, before they could fully recover, they got struck by the news of Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice), the murder of Hanna’s abuser, after the Homecoming night.

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