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Ariana Grande’s Brother Frankie Grande Babbles About Her Relationship Status, Details Inside

“You’re not my friend, and I’m not your girlfriend, but you do not want me to see anyone and I do not want you to see anyone,” sings Ariana Grande in her latest song “boyfriend” ft. Social House. Since this track fans suspect that social house singer Mikey Foster is the new ‘close’ friend of Ariana Grande.

But now Ariana Grande’s brother speaks plain language and reveals how it really stands for the relationship status of his sister – if anyone has to know, then he is the one.

Frankie James Grande is the brother of Ariana and 24/7 at her side. So it’s clear he needs to know pretty well what his sister’s relationship status is. An American magazine claimed to have spoken to his brother and confirmed his relationship with social house singer Mikey. 

The rumors broke over, so Ari’s brother tweeted rather annoyed yesterday, “My sister is not in a relationship, relax all of you; she’s single.” Well, if that is not a clear announcement. Ari enjoys her life as a single, and that’s good.

Hopefully, this is not bad news for Mikey, which is already linked to Ariana since they released their single Boyfriend.
Rumors speculated about Ariana Grande and her “new boyfriend” after being seen several times with Mikey Foster of the Social House group. It was when Frankie Grande left to swing that he had a ‘double date’ with his little sister and Mikey that the media started to break loose.
Ariana has always preferred to keep her relationship and personal life way apart from her professional life.
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