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Billy Bush Makes A Return To ‘Extra’ 3 Years After Trump’s Access Hollywood Tape Controversy

Billy Bush returned on 9 September to the entertainment news with the premiere of Extra. Since the notorious 2005 Access Hollywood tape, Bush has been in exile more or less since his very inappropriate discussion with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump about physically tackling females has leaked to the public. After the recording was released, Bush was fired at the Today Show from his dream job after less than two months.

Now returning to the newsroom, Bush is looking forward to interviewing Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, with a specific interest in people who have experienced comparable outbursts.

Bush appeared back in his element of the ExtraExtra desk, reporting on J-Lo, Lizzo and other trending stars. Halfway through the schedule, Bush interviewed Alec Baldwin and said that after his contentious shooting the actor reached him. “About a year ago when I didn’t feel so good, Alec Baldwin took me for a Turkey Club dinner, and a few honest conversations. I enjoyed that,” Bush said at the sit-down intro.

Baldwin shared some tips with Bush at the beginning of the interview. “See what’s going on in the magazine media. So to talk, everybody slips on the ice, “the actor informed Bush. “It’s not who you are, whether it’s your fault or not. Trying to remember that is essential. I only believe it’s up and up. You have a lifetime in front of you. You’ve got to work. You’re great with what you’re doing.”

Bush ready at some stage during the show to tackle the elephant in the room head. He concluded the first episode of ExtraExtra with a prepared statement about his “hiatus” from the sector.

“During my moment off or out, I discovered a few stuff. Bad stuff happens to us all. Our disasters are different ingredients, but we share the system’s shock and the struggle to overcome. “Bush said as he went to the camera. “We can’t control these occurrences most of the moment, we can regulate only how we respond. I’m not going to lie, I dropped for a year and a half into a nasty rabbit hole. But I got back to work through religion, friendship, family and the empathy of strangers. So I am here–I hope today a better reporter, interviewer, and person than any previous version.”

He added that he pays close attention to prospective interviews with those who are in dispute and deal with the consequences. “I will certainly have to report on individuals who have had a poor time. In particular, I’m keen to see them own it and get back up,” Bush concluded.

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