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Chloe Lewis Revealed About Miscarrying One Of Her Twins In Eight Weeks!

Former TOWIE star Chloe Lewis told her sadness when she discovered that she expects twins to miss one at eight weeks.

Chloe discovered she expected only two children in her first trimester when she began bleeding.

When a private doctor checked for an emergency scan, the 28-year-old was shocked when the doctor indicated baby number one and baby number two.

“But then she said she could see only one embryo, so it was either behind the other or I lost it,” she said. “I asked her about bleeding, and she said I likely lost it.” It took her three weeks to find out with certainty if she had been miscarrying.

“The doctor asked me not to pick up my hopes, I expected to be one child there so when I went back, I wasn’t completely broken in heart, and it was said that I had lost one baby,” said Chloe.

“The physician confirmed the twins were the same, so sad for me to hear. I always thought this one would come out and look precisely the same.”

Chloe explained that this is prevalent among waiting mums and is called twin vanishing syndrome (VTS).

VTS is a sort of error where a pregnancy starts as a double, but one dies and generally vanishes in the womb of the woman.

“I was sorry about three months,” Chloe, who in a matter of weeks, expects her first kid with boyfriend Danny Flasher, said.

“I feel like I’ve been going into a hole like I’ve lost a kid. I’ve thought I’d done something wrong because it’s my body.”

Afterward, she said she started “questioning,” but it was her boyfriend, family, and friends ‘ love and support that helped her start to overcome her loss.

“I understand individuals who wore twins and lost one during the workplace, so I felt like I was dumbly dwelling on something that was never anyway,” she added.

“I had to close the door to it and believe it’s not an entirely-formed baby and individuals go through it much worse.” She and the first child of Danny were expecting them in May in a lovely Instagram post, the former truth regularly announced.

The mother to be shared a black/white image in ultrasound with the date of the announcement, together with a snap of herself and Danny with the titles Half me, half you, followed by an emoji-love heart. Chloe left the ITVBe reality show in Essex previously this year after four years by quoting her “life is no longer in it.”

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