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Education And Google Apps As A Key To Success

People all have goals that they wish to accomplish, choices to make out of several alternatives. Humanity attempts to organize themselves in a way that would ensure that we reach our own expectations. We make decisions every day of our lives, we decide what we want to eat, what to wear, what to say, etc. All these things are planned out and executed in ways that we feel are the most effective and efficient, whether consciously or subconsciously. 

Education is not merely teaching people how one plus one is equal to two, real education involves showing people how one plus one is equal to two. That is, education is not merely teaching people theories, good education requires a lot of practicality, because, remember life is 100% practical. Experts from Pro-Papers gave their own definition of education, according to them, education is “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.” The main reason why people get educated is to ensure that they can become more valuable to society in the future.

Education equips one with everything they need to become their best self. An educated society is a developed society and is guaranteed to progress. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of technology, Google apps are getting used frequently every single day. One can even say that students without such apps can’t properly study and be organized well. All of these are important factors of why the current education can’t be recognized without using Google apps. It is really simple. These apps mean success.

The current educational system is not as efficient/effective as should be, the main thing that students learn in school is to compare themselves to others and this does nothing but makes them miserable, producing slave minded adults who expect a high five for every single thing that they do. That’s where education management comes in, strategies and methods need to be implemented in order to attain an efficient education system. Education management has to deal with the real purpose and aims of education.

This factor is very important because goals provide a sense of direction to educational institutes and to everyone in general. Unless the correlation between purpose and management is clear, the management is guaranteed to suffer from frustration. It’s like letting a blind person drive a car, sure he might be able to start the car and travel a few meters but how would he know when he has arrived at his destination?

Educational management could be thought of as an art form, a science, or a discipline. As a process, educational management can be defined as the process of organizing, planning, directing, and evaluating educational activities, projects and programs in order to achieve educational goals. As an art, educational management can be said to be the art of employing the necessary skills, experiences and intuition in the planning, directing, coordinating, observing, reporting educational activities. As a science, it can be defined as the application of fact and principles that resonate with pre-existing methods which have come as a result of continuous experimenting and observing and are continuously improved based on the perceived causes and effects.

Think of the mind like water, you put water into a container, it simply takes up the shape of that container. Using that analogy, we can better understand the characteristics of an effective education system which would help us find more effective solutions. 

A simple reason why a more practical education system would be more lucrative is that this kind of system would definitely be more interesting to learners thus, creating more independent, intrinsically motivated individuals who are guaranteed to prevail throughout their lives, making it much easier for progress as a species.

In an uneducated society where decisions are made by uneducated people, you can only expect retardation in progress to alter this effect we would need to look at the source of the problem, which is at the very beginning of the education process and the people in charge of the process. Just like good soil is guaranteed to produce good fruit, a good education system is guaranteed to produce more productive, innovative and self-reliant adults. Then a very good question would arise,” what are the main characteristics of a good teacher?”

 To the student, even the long classes that are on topics that would usually be considered boring would feel very short, simply because the teacher is very engaging during the lessons, making it much easier for the students to pay attention. A good teacher would rather focus on a student’s strengths rather than their weaknesses, resulting in more motivated students, thus, better results, he would also try his best to make himself fully available to the students and challenges the students whenever possible which in turn builds confidence in the students.

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Even though the good teacher manages to distinguish his strong students from the weak, he never favours any of his students and treats them all as equals, thus, leaving no room for the students to feel the need to compare themselves to other people during the process and after the process, in society. 

It can also be noticed that the good teacher usually tells the class personal stories, giving the students the feeling of personal connection to their teacher, which is very important because this has the potential to create trust and respect between the students and the teacher. We need to realize that people don’t really need to go to school in order to become ‘successful’ in life, so when people go to school they ought to be offered a lot more than is needed, that is, morals, critical thinking skills, social skills and many more.

From this, we can conclude that education is the foundation of a society, using common sense we can further conclude that a structure with a strong foundation is more likely to survive harsh conditions, thus, we need to find the most effective and lucrative techniques as soon as possible!

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