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Heath Ledger VS Joaquin Phoenix, Who Will Be Undisputed Best?

Joaquin Phoenix is next in the lineup for a perfect Joker as it seems, Heath Ledger also portrayed the role and nailed it. But it looks like that Joaquin Phoenix has also set a tremendous level of the character.

However, the character of Joker never took under consideration until Heath Ledger made it legendary and now Joaquin Phoenix doing the same. Its been an 8-minute standing ovation for Joaquin Phoenix of his character Joker at Venice International Film Festival.

So reviews are in the motion for the actor and maybe a standalone could be the reason behind such impact of the character.

Joaquin Phoenix or Health Ledger-Who Will Be Better?

Screen Time

Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger characters having different scenarios as Heath Ledger acted as an antagonist in the second installment of Trilogy. Whereas Joaquin Phoenix having his own standalone which could easily have much impact rather than screen sharing roles.

So Heath Ledger has not more than 34 minutes on the screen whereas Joaquin Phoenix had 84 minutes facing the camera.

Character Development

Both Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger made the character alive and portrayed it by heart. Heath locked himself in a room for the preparation of the character whereas many claimed that Joaquin Phoenix also has gone mad whilst his rehearsals.

So it looks like Joker character has its own identity and its level should be so much high to please the audience. Ledger set a landmark for the character as he also won an academy award for his act but unfortunately, he was not there to collect it and that day was saddest for the industry.

If everything goes well for Joaquin Phoenix then he could also get his hands on the precious accolade.

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