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Katy Perry To Postpone Marriage After Discovering ‘Secret Texts’ Between Orlando Bloom And Selena Gomez

Katy Perry and Orlando bloom are ready to walk down through aisle. But sources reveal that the duo has postponed their wedding date because of Selena Gomez.
Sources say that Katy stopped wedding preparations after finding out that Orlando and Selena are still in touch.

This couple is one of the most adored couples of Hollywood and a lot of people want to see them tieing knots. But due to Orlando’s contact with Selena, it seems a bit difficult.

According to the sources, Katy has prohibited Orlando from taking to Selena.
Katy even accused Bloom of betraying her.

The source added that Katy is in a state of humiliation and believes Selena is obsessed with Orlando. “He has no company speaking to her, even though he assures her she is just friends. Katy remains jealous and rethinks the entire wedding”.

A similar brawl happened between Katy and bloom when Bloom was spotted with Selena in a nightclub just after a few days he started dating Perry.

In 2014, with Perry’s entry in Bloom’s life, fans had witnessed closeness between Bloom and Gomez. Then, Gomez had just broken up with ex Justin Bieber while Bloom had broken up with Miranda Kerr.

Earlier, Orlando Bloom had planned a totally romantic proposal for his sweetheart Katy Perry, but not everything went as planned.

On “BBC Radio 2” the actor said:

“It was not so bad, I just could not get the ring out of my jacket. I had a premonition because I said to the guy from whom I bought the ring, he is a friend and I said, ‘make sure the ring box is not too big.’ He said that everything would go well and I just knew it would be too big because I could not get it out of my bag. ”

Incidentally, Orlando Bloom has made the request to his sweetheart Katy Perry on Valentine’s Day.

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