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Comedian Artie Lange Returns From Rehab After 7 Months, And The Transformation Is Dramatic

Comedian Artist Artie Lange showcased a moving transformation of himself on Friday. And he appeared happy and healthy in a picture posted to his Twitter – marking a stark contrast to images taken of him in May following a breach of his probation.

The comedian looked slim and in good health as he posed with his hands in his pockets to commemorate his discharge from rehab after a court-ordered stay.

Artie also marked September 10 as the seven and a half month anniversary of his sobriety, having struggled with severe heroin and cocaine addiction for the last three decades.

He posted ‘Great to be home!’ Lange jubilantly declared. ‘7 months 14 days sober but one day at a time. Lots of new stories to tell. He would announce some new tour dates on Friday. Thanks all for the support. Love you all.’

Due to some legal restrictions, the prosecutor’s office was unable to specify what sparked the funnyman’s arrest. However, they did confirm that he had been ‘non-compliant with his drug court requirements’

On completion of the program, it was also suggested Lange could be transferred to a New Jersey court and be sentenced to jail time.

Artie’s long battle with drug addiction is well-known, and his current legal problems stem from a March 2017 arrest in his native New Jersey

As part of the program, Artie was required to pump gas and collect trash. He was filmed by one motorist working at a New Jersey gas station where he held up a copy of Howard Stern’s new book.

However, following his tweet Friday, it appears Lange is now home for good and is set to embark on a new tour soon.

Lange has been famously straightforward about his long battle with substance abuse.
In December 2018, he shared a selfie to Twitter, saying his nose has been ‘hideously deformed due to over three decades of drug abuse.’
Despite his long-running drug problem, Lange has enjoyed a successful career as a comedian.

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