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Ex-Boyfriend Strangled Girl To Death And Buried Her Body In An Empty Grave In Her Own Garden

Belorusov took her out for lunch and shopping with the pretext that on Sunday 3 March, jurors heard her move out of her flat.

On 6 March, the officers discovered her naked body wrapped in bin bags, as reported by her friends worried.

The Old Bailey was told that he sent emails from her mobile phone.

The prosecutor Oliver Glasgow QC said, “After thoroughly removing the earth, they found out that a body was buried in the garden.”

“When her body was examined it became clear that at some stage on the weekend Kirill Belorusov had spent with her and she was strangled to death and buried in the garden.”

Belorusov, who denies murder, had broken up with her months earlier and contacted her claiming that he discovered her new home and wished to repay the cash that he owed to her, the jury heard.

After he had been detained in Estonia six days later and extradited to Britain on March 20, the jury heard his DNA was discovered in a ligature tied around her neck.

Mr. Glasgos said, “Laureline Garcia-Bertaux was tricked by Kirill Belorusov in thinking he would assist her, he deceived her by promises to settle his debt to her, and he lied to her over the house he had discovered to move into.”

“It was only unavoidable that Laureline Garcia-Bertaux was suspicious of what was happening; after all, only very restricted estate details were provided, and no removal was ever achieved.”

“It continues to be seen how much Kirill Belorusov believed he was going to play this charade, but he chose to murder Laureline Garcia-Bertaux at some stage.”

“He did all that he could to get away with murder after killing her: he buried the body in the garden to leave the nation before she was discovered; he sent messages to her friends so they might think that she was alive and well.”

“When the contacted him, he voiced concern with those same friends and asked him if he knew where she was. He sent messages to her phones and asked them to get in contact with him. He informed everyone who contacted him that he would do everything possible to find her.”

“It’s hard to think of anyone behaving in a more calculated or callous way. The respondent refuses to play any role in her death and says she was alive and well when he last saw her.”

Originally from Aix-en-Provence, Ms. Garcia-Bertaux was from France.

In addition to working as a personal assistant in London, she also worked in the film and with Dame Joan Collins on a short film in 2018 named Gerry.

Her mom, dad, and other family members went to court from France.

The trial is ongoing.

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