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Husband And Wife Settled For Divorce After Realizing They Both Are Gay!

Scott Turner-Smith and Jo Turner split after they realized they both are homosexuals. Husband Scott Turner-Smith and wife Jo Turner said it was a “hoot” to sign the paperwork saying their marriage was a “mistake”. While his wife also agreed to the fact that their marriage was just a huge mistake and had feelings for the same gender.

Jo tweeted: “We have had a hoot when signing the nullity petition today – ‘invalid consent by mistake – turns out we’re both gay’.

“Enjoy that, Judge. The screenplay will be out next year.”

Jo then jokingly admitted that She would be the perfect actress to play her on the big screen and invited Ryan Reynolds to portray the role of her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Jo wrote: “Hmm, [Ryan] Reynolds are you free to play my soon-to-be ex-husband in a drama where we had a straight wedding and then both realised we’re gay? But it was a good party.”

Jo also revealed that when her girlfriend Wendy RennieĀ to the world and this Love triangle shook the social word.

Jo’s new girlfriend, junior doctor Wendy Rennie, revealed she’d also had feelings for Jo for two years.

Source: Mirror

Despite their Divorce, Scott and Jo appear to still share a close bond and Jo even suggesting the idea of them going on a double date together.

Jo wrote: “Wendy and I are dying to go on a double date with Scott +1. Double wedding would be amazing!

So the marriage will be over soon but a double date on its way and even Twitteratis excited to see what happens next.

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