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Pregnant Woman Blamed Prison Guards For Death Of Her Infant As She Stopped At Starbucks!

When the emergency services failed to achieve their targets, incidents happened and costs so much to the beings. Three women detained in the Orange County jail say they were ignored or didn’t offer any medical services while pregnant. Such ignorance leading to the deaths of their newborn infants.


At that point, Sandra Quinones called for help in her cell, Jail officials drove her to the hospital, but they took two hours after she first asked for help which aggregates the chances of the death. She alleged that Jail Deputies halted for a long time for the coffee break at Starbucks, which results in the loss of her child.

Another woman Ciera Stoetling who alleged the Jail staff for the mishappening as the nurse is equally responsible for the unfortunate incident. The nurse told her there wasn’t enough staff to take her to the hospital and that she’d have to wait two more days. Her baby later died, but the county’s district attorney’s office concluded in June that the death was natural and there was no wrongdoing on the jail’s part.

The most recent case is on another level of irresponsibility, a woman (unnamed) alleged she was denied medical care in late July, resulting in the death of her baby. But the officials revealed the allegations are fake and considered as baseless for the council.

According to Reports, However, the complaints of the jailed mothers aren’t the only ones lodged against the Orange County jail. Some of the Inmates also pointed out that personal calls with their attorneys were monitored and recorded and that they had been denied access to religious services. Some inmates reported being held in isolated cells and have minimal access to the outdoors.

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