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Lake Bell Opens Up On Her Depression And The Time She Almost Died

Lake Bell, 40 is getting straightforward about her mental health in the aftereffects of her traumatic birth experiences. She recently appeared on an episode of The Conversation with Amanda De Cadenet podcast, in which Lake admitted that she had briefly experienced depression after welcoming her second child, son Ozgood “Ozzi,” in May 2017.

Lake, who has been frank about the influence of her son and daughter Nova’s similar, yet traumatic home births, Bell said, she was initially against taking medication, due to her very “holistic” nature, but ultimately decided to take them after coming to terms of her increasing difficulties.

“I had never felt that before,” Lake explained. “My heart aches for those who feel that through the difficulty of their life every day, like, I have felt it. I know what it is and it’s a monster. It’s a demon.”

Lake further told “I had gone through life not knowing medication at all, not being on board,” lake admitted. “I wouldn’t think of taking it until it was the last resort.”

Lake continued “My decision came from living a holistic life and very wellness-centric life and, ‘I would only take Advil if it’s absolutely necessary.’”

Lake first began experience it after a few days and weeks after welcoming her son Ozzi. Ozzi was born with his umbilical cord around his neck, which cut off his oxygen flow, and required him to spend 11 days in the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ newborn intensive care unit.

It was hard on Lake seeing her son in such a problem. “We didn’t know whether he would be alive or walk or talk,” Lake admitted of her mental state at the time. “I was like, ‘I need something, I can’t be self. I didn’t know how to be one… I had a little daughter, and so I was like, ‘I gotta pull my self, and I don’t know how to do that!’”

It wasn’t until one night where Lake remembered how she was “swirling within dark space” in the room she gave birth to Ozzi. Her daughter sensed her mother’s internal demons, inciting the start to take handle of her mental health.

Lake said, “I remember my daughter saying at one point… ‘Go away, monster, you have to go away!’ and I was like, ‘What? Honey are you okay? Is there a monster here?’ and her daughter said, ‘Monster is still here. Go away, monster. You can’t play here!’”.

This wasn’t the only time that Bell opened up her feeling guilt and experiencing depression after her son Ozzi’s birth.

In July, the Lake opened up about the “most extreme up and down of (her) entire life” and revealed that she took medication to help her cope with the many emotions she was feeling at the time.

Lake further went to explain “I took (the guilt) on because I insisted on having a home birth. I have dealt with that since. You could accuse the midwife, you could blame yourself, but ultimately the outcome is the only thing that matters,” Lake said. “I’ve gone through therapy and was on medication for about a year-and-a-half. I did wean myself off, but I was on antidepressants to help kind of regulate. I barely take Advil, but I was like that, this is absolutely necessary for me to function.”

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