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Know Who Will Walk Jennifer Lopez Down The Aisle To Marry Alex Rodriquez, The Name Might Amaze You

The children of Jennifer Lopez will be a significant component of her Alex Rodriguez wedding.

Nischelle Turner was in Miami on Thursday solely with a multi-hyphenate as she surprised fans at her latest film Hustlers. When Lopez talked about her forthcoming nuptials with Rodriguez, she disclosed that her eleven-year-old son, Max, was going down the aisle.

“Naturally,” gushed the actress who shares with her ex, Marc Anthony, Max, and his twin sister Emme.

Who’s going down the aisle is one of Lopez’s only stuff to say about the next case. As she said, Rodríguez’s latest remarks could not even verify that it was going to be a “long flight” away.

“He’s just telling stuff,” she shared. “We speak about it, but we’ve got no firm plans and a lot of places to marry in, but I don’t understand yet.”

The actress did not even choose a moment to tie the knot. “We still can’t restrict it,” she disclosed.

At present, Lopez is basking in Hustlers’ achievement— who have already received rave reviews and prizes

“There is plenty of excitement, and every girl worked hard to promote it and get it out. It seems to be interesting to people, so it’s fun,” she said.

“It also feels incredible to gain private recognition,” added Lopez. “You know, I look at some of these reviews and think like, ‘OK!’ I feel like I won already. It’s fantastic, and I don’t think about anything but a way of living at the time and being so pleased that individuals love it.”

The singer “On the Floor” was particularly pleased to surprise Miami viewers at the show.

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“I loved this town all the time,” she said. “I made my second film many, many, many years ago and even then I knew it. I was like, ‘I’m going to live here.’ I just had a parentship with it. It was only a link that I had to the town from the first moment I did the film with Jack Nicholson here called Blood and Wine, many years ago. I knew right then, and my children and I now reside here.”

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