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Teen Girl Molested And Murdered, Body Found Behind Liberia National Police Depot

A 17-year-old girl named Fatu Togba was found dead near an under-construction building behind the Liberia National Police Depot in Virginia on August 27th at about 11 p.m. She was naked and had a bruised body. Nearby residents alleged that she was raped and then murdered. But there were no confirmations. A family friend identified her and later, informed her father, Sylvester Togba.

The victim lived in Gbarpolu with her mother and aunties. And, occasionally, with her father in Caldwell. Fatu was born on June 16, 2002, and was an eighth-grader in the Pamela Kay school. Sylvester said, “I remember on her mother’s death bed she asked me to take responsibility for our daughter. With what has happened now, I don’t know what to say.” After her mother’s demise in 2016, her maternal aunties and father were her official guardian.

Togba told that she left on June 16th on her birthday and returned on June 30th and again sneaked out. He said, “I went to work when I came home, I didn’t see her, everyone saw her in the yard, but she left without telling anyone. We couldn’t locate her. We tried her number it was off. Calls were made to her friends and families to know her whereabouts, but we still couldn’t find her.”

He confirmed that he hadn’t seen her since July 1st. Fatu requested her sister to beg Sylvester for re-enrollment in school. He said, “She promised to be good and wanted to return to school, and I agreed despite the absence of her test sheets from last class.” On August 28th, Mr. Togba received a call about Fatu’s death. He told his wife about going to Banjo- Virginia to confirm the dead body’s identity.

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Mr. Togba said, “When I got there, I didn’t see the crime scene, but they asked me to be calm. She was admitted to JFK medical hospital, and later, they took her to Samuel Stryker Funeral parlor.” He told about the problem with Fatu being stubborn and being too friendly with her male friends.

Following the incident, Togba stated, “When I got to the scene, I was asked not to touch the body, and we went to stryker funeral parlor, the forensic team said they noticed her left eye bruise, like there was a fight and there was sperm from her vagina, and she had many scratches all over her body.”

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There are two suspects, namely, Soloman Zoker and Mohammed Zoker. They are currently undergoing investigation in police custody. Due to logistical problems, the inquiry will be slow-paced as informed by the Liberia National Police.

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