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Caretaker Brutally Assaulted A 84-Year-Old Grandma, Hidden Camera Reveals The Complete Incident

Editor Content Warning: This article contains descriptive information about incidents surrounding brutality, molesting, and other criminal offenses. The content below can be disturbing and upsetting for some readers. We won’t recommend you to read the article if your age is less than 14 or you have severe problems which may cause a disturbance in your health conditions. We strictly do not promote this kind of heinous activities and are just acting as a medium of information for people who should know this fact.

How can someone be so cruel? How can this world be so cruel in which we live? How brutally one can abuse and assault an animal and elderly people? And the most important how can someone leave their parents in an old age home after a certain age?

A heartbreaking incident took place where an elderly woman was assaulted by the caretaker. 84 year old was brutally harassed in the nursing home where she lived. A video shows a caretaker cruelly hitting and kicking the old woman who was unable to move because of her health problems.

The case was discovered by the family members when they kept a secret camera in the room of the old lady after they found Mark’s of bruises all over her body. When the family asked for an explanation they said, the lady fell off the chair and hurt herself.

But the family didn’t believe the story and they kept a hidden camera in the room. When the truth came out it freeze everyone and broke their hearts.

The video was later uploaded on social site so that everyone should be aware of such brutal cases and should not keep their parents in nursing.

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Parents are the only people who take care of us since starting to last. And how can anyone leave them at the time when they need help from us.

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