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A Father Killed His 7 Years Old Daughter With Multiple Stabbings!

A Horrific incident took place as a father killed her 7-years-old daughter, stabbing her multiple times until she gave up on her life.


This happened in South California a man who was accused of killing his daughter. He stabbed her nearly a dozen times while killing her. Mariah Araujo became the victim of his father’s madness and lost her life.

“Mariah Araujo had wounds from her attempts to fend off the alleged attack from her father Pedro Araujo” Deputy District Attorney Ryan Saunders

He took her away from me said “Vivian Arzola”, Mariah’s mother. Now I can’t have her back. It was the darkest day of my life. She also told that her 6-year-old sister was in the next room when this attack happened. So the two lives could be at stake at the same time and scenario could even worsen than this.

Mariah’s mother reacted about how his husband took her daughter away from her.

“I couldn’t even look up, even look at him in his eyes. It’s not fair that he took my daughter from me.” Vivian Arzola ( Mariah’s Mother)

Court’s Verdict

Court has their hearing procedures on their priority for this case and asked for every essential piece of shreds of evidence regarding this case. Court has ordered there will be no bail for the father committed such heinous crime and made a bad impression in the society.

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