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Bears Turn Ugly As They Hurdle Over A ‘Crazy Win’

The Broncos started the season with two losses after the Bears scored 16-14 on Sunday. Sitting on a 0-2 record, they are at the bottom of the AFC West classification. With a record of 0–2, they are about 11 percent more likely to post-season in 2019 (compiled over the previous 17 seasons).

Broncos head coach Vic Fangio didn’t believe Sunday was all bad.

“I believe we have proven that we can play good soccer. That’s a nice team we’ve been playing. We’ve been toe-toeing the whole game with them. We had our chances of winning there,” said Fangio.

The team must now turn stuff around with a fan base that is rapidly frustrated. It should have been distinct for Fangio and the team is on its worst beginning in the last three seasons after Peyton Manning.

Garett Bolles and his play are undoubtedly hideous. He had four penalties against the bears and sometimes seemed lost on the field. It’s just inappropriate for a first-round selection to play like a pro in the second match of his third season. Bolles didn’t develop, he started every game of his professional career and doesn’t seem to improve.

He has a reputation as one of the most popular tackles in the NFL. Bolles is conscious of this reputation–which, in my view, makes his under-average play worse.

“I have constructed my reputation in this holding league. To be frank, I disagree with it. There are a few calls with which I disagree, and some stuff I comprehend. It was only unfortunate that they’re still following me, but it’s what it is. I disagree with some of them, as I said. I must move on and get back to the job on Monday,” said Bolles.

If this season is to turn around, Bolles has to play better or the squad has to substitute him in the start line-up. It seems at this moment that the latter is Bolles ‘ most probable result.

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