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Former NBA Star Lamar Odom To Announce New Reality Show ‘Sabrina & Lamar’ Soon, Details Inside

It looks like Khloe Kardashian’s ex, Lamar Odom, will be doing a comeback to our TV screens. He is currently filming his reality show with his girlfriend, called “Sabrina & Lamar.”

While the paparazzi were out doing their job, taking photos o9f him when they saw him walking into a building with Sabrina and her mom, Lamar made an announcement.

Lamar declared that he will soon back to the world of Reality TV, as he is shooting his personal show with Sabrina, titled “Sabrina & Lamar.”

In the short clip, he said: “She’s the star. Sabrina Parr is the star.”

The channel in which the show will be debuted is still not revealed. Reportedly, Lamar has more than filming the Reality show for him. He is also operating on his second book. It shows that the 39-year-old former NBA player is attempting to put his life back in order and has created headway so far.

Speaking on his previous marriage with one of the Kardashians, Lamar appears to be troubled about how things ended between Khloe and himself.

In an interview with TMZ Live, Lamar said, “Hopefully, me going to public speaking can even bring me closer to the Kardashians and help me rebuild that bridge.”

Lamar Odom and his latest love interest, life coach and personal trainer, Sabrina Parr, openly discussed their relationship with Dish Nation, as reported by Bustle. The new couple addressed anything and everything with the interviewer, Gary Hayes.

Some have accused Sabrina of being with Lamar for the fame. In either case, a reality television show about their relationship seems awfully fast – especially since just a couple of months ago Lamar was still pledging his undying love for Khloe in interviews.

Eventually, time will reveal the truth. For now, the couple is still going strong!  

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