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Packers VS Vikings: The One With The Close Contest, Here’s A Complete Review

The NFL added interference in the off-season to the list of reviewable elements of the match within its replay scheme and the Vikings suffered Sunday’s shift against the Packers.

Minnesota, which fell into a 21-7 hole in Green Bay’s week 2 match, appeared to be scoring a touchdown shortly before halfway when Kirk Cousins discovered Stefon Diggs in a 3-yard pass. However, the replay official checked the game for possible pass interferences, and Dalvin Cook was caught blocking an offensive Packers player from the field.

The expiry of an entire passe interference recall is based on five phrases in Riveron’s tweet: “clear and evident visual proof,” which is the norm for the override of a pass interference call or non-call.

The PI call washed the match and cost the Vikings ten meters. Minnesota then had to set a field goal to cut the lead in Green Bay to 11 just before half time.

Ironically, Viking’s coach Mike Zimmer informed previously this year that “it can be very ticky tacky” when the interference of a call like a pass is slowed by replaying and checked by the letter of the law.

With the NFL challenge and replay systems enabling pass interference, the NFL hopes to prevent egregious mistakes such as the one which last season cost the Saints an NFC championship. But since PI was suggested and finally added to the NFL 2019 rulebook, many people wondered if the choice of the League would blow up.

Depending on how you feel about the reversal in the Viking Packers match on Sunday, that could be an instance of the reversal of the rule.

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