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Horrifying Father Brutally Killed 8-Month-Old Baby Girl While Mother Watched Everything Quitely

A man brutally killed his 8-month-old baby girl and has been arrested on September 3rd, 2019. This terrifying incident took place a year ago on September 10th, 2018. The family resides in Crowborough, East Sussex.

The first respondents and emergency authorities reached out to their home on being reported of a baby girl having breathing complications. The victim in the case is Holly Rae. The officials Immediately rushed her to the hospital, but she passed away due to loss of breath and declared dead.

However, the recent post-mortem report revealed the truth. The death of the girl was not accidental. The cause of death appears to be a traumatic head injury. On further investigation, reports have shown that her father named Micheal Roe, aged 32 is the suspect in the case.

He tortured and wounded the baby and caused appalling harm and pain between 8th to 11th September 2018. Her mother named Tiffany Tate, aged 21, was watching Micheal while he was hurting and killing the baby. She neither stopped him nor reported him.

Micheal has been charged for murder and is proven guilty by the Brighton Magistrates’ Court on September 4th. Micheal confirmed to the details and is to appear in the Lewes Crown Court at an undecided date.

The mother, named Tiffany, has also been accused of watching a crime and not reporting it. She has been charged guilty for allowing the killing of a young baby girl. She is expected to appear in court on September 12th. The reason for this tragic incident is not known yet.

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