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Miracle Of Baby Girl Born 117 Days After Her Mother Was Announced Brain-Dead Stuns Doctor

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A healthy child was born 117 days after her mother was declared brain dead. The infant came into this world on 15th of August 2019 at the University Hospital located in Brno, Czech Republic.

This case has not only surprised the Czech Republic doctors but also surprised the world too. After being 15 weeks pregnant the baby’s mother had a severe stroke a few months ago. Authorities say, when the woman reached hospital she was unconscious and was declared brain dead just after her arrival. Reportedly the mother aged just 27 years.

The woman was healthy and fine before the stroke. Doctors immediately took actions to save the fetus to grow properly and fortunately, brain stroke didn’t harm the fetus.
Doctors kept the woman on artificial life support so that fetus can grow properly in mother’s womb. They simulated walking by moving the woman’s legs so that the baby would grow healthily.

Doctors operated mother regularly and even performed ultrasounds to keep a check about the fetus and they used to put some toys also on the mother’s stomach.

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While they weren’t able to keep the baby in the womb for full-term, they were able to keep the baby in for 117 days. They delivered the baby via Cesarean section at 34 weeks gestation.

After giving birth to the baby, the mother was disconnected from life support. This moment was filled with mixed emotions for the family as they lost one member of their but also a new member was added in the family.

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