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Netflix Renews ‘Family Reunion’ For Season 2, Scheduled To Premiere This December

The McKellan family is on its way, coming back for more giggles and more family gatherings.

The streaming giant Netflix announced today that it is renewing Family Reunion for a second season, with 16 new episodes on the route.

Tweeting, REJOICE!!! #FamilyReunion has been renewed for a second season, with a holiday special hitting @netflix Dec. 9th AND bonus Season 1 episode coming Jan. 2020!! (and a series of hands up emoji)

Family Reunion follows the McKellans who are moving from Seattle to Georgia to get closer to their extended family. But, the change is like being a fish out of water. From three-hour church services and family bonding to M’Dear’s home cooking and huge humidity hair, the series is full of awkward moments.

The series characters Cocoa McKellan played by Tia Mowry, a free-spirited mother who plans to travel from the big city, Seattle with her family to a small-town, Georgia for her family reunion and gets to know their extended family. Loretta Devine depicts a loving but strict matriarch of the family, M’Dear, and Alabi plays Cocoa’s husband. Shaping out the cast as the McKellan’s children are Russell-Bailey as 12-year old, Jackson as 14-year old Jade, Wright as 10-year old Mazzi, and James as 8-year old Ami. Season one of the show was directed by Eric Dean Seaton and executive produced by DeLoatch. Creator Meg DeLoatch will serve as showrunner and executive producer on the second season.

Star cast of the series Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Loretta Devine, Talia Jackson, Anthony Alabi, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Jordyn Raya James and Cameron J. Wright are all set to return in the season 2.

Fans won’t have to wait for season 2 to see more of the McKellans family. Netflix is preparing a Family Reunion Christmas special on Dec. 9, and Season 1’s all-new nine episodes will begin streaming in January 2020.

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