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Jennifer Lawrence And Cooke Maroney Spotted On A Romantic Date Amid Marriage Rumors

The rumours of Jennifer Lawrence being married to her boyfriend Cooke Maroney are floating these days after the couple were spotted holding some documents at Manhattan Marriage Bureau later this week.

Cooke Maroney and Jennifer Lawrence were spotted treating themselves to a date night after they were snapped at a Manhattan marriage bureau.

The Hunger Games star was dressed smart but casually as she wore a grey blazer, jeans with circular glasses and a pair of kitten heels.

Maroney sported a white shirt with wayfarer sunglasses, blue jeans, and Vans trainers as the couple made their hasty getaway.

Source: In Touch Weekly

The couple tried to make a low profile exit from the offices adjacent to two security guards and a family friend, with Lawrence turning away from her companion as they were flanked by their crew members.

She held a bunch of documents, although it’s hard to make out what exactly they were for.

Lawrence and Maroney got engaged in February after they the duo met in his gallery last year and Lawrence previously revealed she wanted to marry Maroney as soon as they both met, even though Jennifer wasn’t really looking to settle down before she began dating him.

Even if the couple did get married today, it would be all the legal side of things.

After the actress earlier opened up about plans for her big day of celebrations. The Oscar-winning actress previously confirmed that she wasn’t nervous about the big day and that she had already have found both wedding venue and her dress.

Lawrence added, ‘I’ve been in a good place. I haven’t been obsessive about it. I’m like too dull to be neurotic. I saw a dress I wanted, and I was like, “That’s the dress.” I saw a venue, and I was like, “Cool, we got the venue.”

Lawrence previously dated Nicholas Hoult for four years and also enjoyed brief romances with Coldplay’s Chris Martin and director Darren Aronofsky.

“I just met Cooke, and I want to marry him. We wanted to marry each other, we wanted to commit fully.” Lawrence said.

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