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Father Charged For Stabbing 4-Month-Old Baby And Wife To Death

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Enoch Zarceno, from Shelby County, is facing 1st-degree murder, aggravated arson, and charges of numerous felonies.

Enoch Zarceno stabbed his 4-month-old baby boy , murdered a woman and set the house on fire.
The family believes he was angry about the possibility of having to pay child support.

Heather Cook, 32, and her son Bentley were found dead in their apartment in the morning. Their house was burning, the fire crew came to rescue them after they were informed about the incident. The woman and baby both were pronounced dead on the spot. The fire officer confirms that the fire was set intentionally.

In autopsy, it came out that both of them were stabbed multiple times.
Family members told that Enoch is the infant’s father and he burst out on cook over custody issue argument. Family, however, tells that the argument was about child support for Bentley.

After arresting Zarceno, when he was investigated about the crime he did, initially he denied everything and he was changing the story each time. But afterward, he admitted that he entered into cook’s house through a back window. Reportedly Zarceno claimed that they both were already dead and he left them without calling the police.

Enoch Zarceno will be appearing in court. Because he has no point to prove himself innocent.

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