Liam Hemsworth and Katie Holmes Dating After Their Split-Up With Miley Cyrus and Jamie Foxx? Breakdown of the Vial rumor

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News of Liam and Miley breaking up first broke out August 10, with a statement from Miley’ s rep. The crew has been married for less than a year broke up and already moving on with their lives. Well, that’s how most relationships are these days, its’s better than having a hole in it and letting it sink. Liam replies days later to the post blindsided about the breakup and filed for divorce on August 21. The actor has been maintaining a low profile since the breakup and was last spotted vacationing with his brother Thor. So you can say he’s being low-key! Get it?!

Whereas the singer has been working with various magazines in this period and released a new single called “Don’t Call Me Angel” alongside Lana Del Rey and Ariana Grande, which is currently #1 on youtube, iTunes/music video chart, & trending on twitter. They literally have wings in the video. Also a solo single  ‘Slide Away’. Go check it out if you wanna support her. It’s pretty swank, the music video would speak for itself, she’s at her peak with these new tracks. On August 23, Artist, actor, songwriter posted to Instagram confirming her breakup and discussing her plans for the future.

And Ah! The most classic Hollywood couple of all Foxx and Holmes have managed to keep their relationship as low profile as possible. But they couldn’t keep it too hidden and pretty soon got comfortable to everyone knowing about it but didn’t confirm anything publicly. They’ve been spotted everywhere, from Pre Grammy Gala’s to Grammy’s, till they got engaged in late 2018 in some steamy, sexy PDA on a yacht in Miami shortly before things went awry. The pair allegedly broke up in May, sad to see a loving relation crashing down so quickly, with rumors circulating about them having a kid.

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Since their breakup, the actress has been active in her career while still posting to social media regularly. On September 3 she posts to Instagram revealing to be named the 2019 Ambassador for McHappy Day in Australia. Also adds “I’m really looking forward to being in Sydney in November to help raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities. According to the magazine, Elsa Pataky plans on setting up Holmes with her newly separated brother-in-law while she’s there. Pataky and Holmes became friends after meeting at a “star-studded Hollywood Event”. In case you’re wondering the actor is from Australia. So according to the story the pair is still yet to meet. Liam is still weeping from his breakup with Miley shocked to see her move on so quickly with her new girlfriend Kaitlyn Carter, have who recently showing off major PDA. Which explains his taking break from social media and work.

Both Holmes and Hemsworth recently ended high profile relationships, which was all that was needed for New Idea to link the two. New Idea was also busted in May for wrongly reporting Holmes being pregnant with Foxx’s Baby. It’s a fact Holmes is carrying on with her life showing no signs of pregnancy, now boasting her new plastic surgery worth 75,000 and uploading sizzling pics of her on Instagram to add fuel to fire. And In case Holmes and Hemsworth are a thing? It is still in the future.


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