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Man Dies In A Horrific Accident After Wife Locked Him In A Shed To Curb His Alcohol Addiction

Editor Content Warning: This article contains descriptive information about incidents surrounding brutality molesting and other criminal offenses. The content below can be disturbing and upsetting for some readers. We won’t recommend you to read the article if your age is less than 14 or you have severe problems which may cause a disturbance in your health conditions. We strictly do not promote this kind of heinous activities are just acting as a medium of information for people who should know this fact.

A man died in an unusual accident after his wife locked him in order to overcome his alcohol addiction.

Jonathan Daunter, 50, started a bike engine which was placed in his outhouse while he was locked in and died after space was filled with poisonous fumes.

Kim, his 44-year-old wife needed to go out of her home but was worried about leaving his husband alone. She told the police,
“I had to go to Bristol. I daren’t take him because he could jump out of the car because of being desperate to get drunk. We locked him in to ensure he wouldn’t get al­cohol. He had water and warm clothes in there.”

Jonathan is a father of 3 children and used to run a breaker’s yard where he kept old farming machines, 4x4s, and motorbikes.

According to autopsy reports, Johnathan did not intentionally give up his life, he died of carbon monoxide poisoning and his alcohol dependency.
The inquest heard Jonathan had a “long-standing dependency on alcohol and had relapsed after seeking help”.

The incident has left the whole family in shock and the police have registered the incident as an accident, while further investigation to know the depth of the story is being taken place by the officials.

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So far, it is certainly not clear wheater it was an accident, suicide or a strategically planned murder.

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