5 Actors Who Are Perfect To Play ‘Wolverine’ in MCU’s Reboot of ‘X-Men’

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Logan, the last cycle in the legendary action-packed rollercoaster of a ride. It marked the end to the story of Logan, the most lethal weapon ever created by mankind. Won’t be disclosing any spoilers for those who still haven’t watched the film.

It would be hard to fill the claws of Wolverine as Jackman set a very high bar for the role. He perfectly captured the animalistic and Gory nature of the character and inhabited the character as in made it his own. It wouldn’t be the same watching anyone else play the role of Jackman. That’s right, Jackman is Wolverine, not the other way around. Even the brooding part he was going through years of watching his family friends die while aging well through all the turmoil, you could feel his pain broken down by years of living with everything dying around him.

In a conversation with Lauren Shuler Donner – a producer of every X-Men film since 2000, where Hugh said to her “I’m at that point. I can’t do it anymore.” Now that doesn’t mean he can’t come back as older Wolverine but I doubt they’re going to revive him.

The 5 actors who could just possibly fill his shoes for better or worse

Leonardo Dicaprio

We have seen the actor pull off all kinds of roles from romantic sailor to a hot-headed maniac. Not to mention he played a rugged, suffering, worn-out animalistic character himself. He’s got all the facial expressions for it. He might be the only character I can see outshine Jackman.

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Travis Fimmel 

The rage and emotion this actor outputs is phenomenal and has no equal. He has developed a huge following since his role on History Channel’s Vikings. Can we see him playing Wolverine? The answer is yes.

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Jensen Ackles

Famously known from Supernatural. He’s got the height, gruff voice down, the angry demeanor, and he’s put the kind of berserker rage that Wolverine is known for. At 41, he’s not too old either to play the part for foreseeable years.

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Tom Hardy

The guy is in rumors for every kind of juicy roles that gets announced. That’s also cause he’s got talent to fit for every role. He’s proven to be bona fide action hero in Mad Max: Fury. He’s no stranger to comic book roles either having played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and Eddie Brock in Venom.

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Dafne Keen

Played the role of X-23, in the film of Logan. She’s already proven to be her father’s daughter in the film. So it won’t be as bad to see her. We also won’t have to worry about someone else taking the role of Logan. She has the perfect animalistic, raw talent to fit for the role, too good for any actor her age, at only 13. Marvel could also hold off to introducing her later. But I do hope to see this character in future MCU films.

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Well, here is our list. Are you satisfied with the picks we made? Do you think someone else can play the role better? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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