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Emma Watson and Tom Felton? Are they Dating? Here’s everything you should know.

The rumor about Emma Watson and Tom Felton dating has been floating around for years. Recently there was an Instagram post of Felton teaching Watson how to play guitar in their PAJAMAS captioned “Quick Learner x”. It drove fans all over the world crazy. The post was made from South Africa where the couple apparently went vacationing and shared a bed.

A year back, Emma revealed to Seventeen that she had a crush on Tom when they were younger. So could the couple low-key be dating? Well if they are they’ve managed to well keep a well cool about it for years. That is why we are here to dissect it. To make sense of this we may have to go back n forth in time.

In February 2019 Watson posted a picture clicked in a car by none other than Felton captioned “Friends capture you best”. Here she’s just letting her fans know that they are nothing more than just friends. It is also worth noting Felton and Emma both have been single for a while and see each other quite often, reported by Felton to News Weekly.

In November 2018 Watson posted a picture with Felton for which Felton reportedly took her out to learn skating. What’s interesting to note here is the clown emoji. Is she clowning on us? Now Watson has a lot of pictures on Insta for which she gives credits wherever it is due. She has more hearts for strangers and women she meets on conferences. Now that is just one part of the theory. There’s also an adorable clip of the incident on her Instagram. Check it out.

Emma in 2011 revealed to Seventeen and Hello Magazine during her photoshoot that she told Felton about her crush and that they still laugh about it. Which Felton actually contradicted in 2016, by saying “Wow, I didn’t know anything about it.”

There are numerous pictures of them all over the internet. But whatever they have with each other is a well kept a secret on a pillow under the blanket of friendship. And they keep playing it really cool. Well, that’s the collection of our findings which could hint at them having a thing at all.

What do you think? Do you think they’re dating? Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments. We like to hear your opinions.

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