Rumor Alert! Marvel Wants Hugh Jackman To Return As Wolverine In A Wolverine Vs Hulk Movie, Details Inside

Source: We Got This Covered

Fans have been aching for a new Wolverine film ever since the final installment in Jackman starred trilogy dropped. The actor has played the Wolverine role consistently in a stretch of about 10 films over 20 years. The person next to him who’s consistently played a role for so many films is Sean Connery the James Bond. And it is safe to say Jackman inhabited his role so much so that Jackman is the Wolverine, not the other way around. He set a very high bar for the character is totally irreplaceable.  So will he be for returning for the new film? The actor told Howard in The Howard Stern Show that he would be the first person to know if he ever returns to the claws.

In comics, Wolverine first made a debut in the Hulk comic strip, #180 and #181. So it is also possible they might introduce a new actor to play Wolverine in this up and coming film. According to a viral rumor, Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige are currently in talks of a Hulk vs. Wolverine behind the scenes. The rumor is coming from TVO  from the Lords of the Long Box channel on youtube, who is closely following Marvel. He’s actually started a lot of rumors lately posting pics and completely twisting words to make them seem like something else. However, the studio did extend an offer to Jackman, leaving the door open for him so it is up to Jackman if he decides to unleash the claws again. The 50-year-old actor considers himself too old for the role.

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Since we know the studio made an offer and it’s all up to Jackman if he chooses to accept it, we can tell the Wolverine vs. Hulk rumor might as well be true. The only new X-men movie confirmed is ‘The New Mutants’ which is set to release for 2020, which sounds bad as it is intended to be the last film in the X-Men franchise which introduces 5 new mutants held in a secret facility to fight for themselves. It sounds absurd to introduce 5 new mutants and take the film in a new direction in their last film if you ask me. But hey at least the cast is good.

With that being said, evidence of Marvel making an offer to Jackman and Kevin Feige publically admitting how “excited” he is to see a new actor to fill the claws of Wolverine. We can at least confirm there might be a new movie in works for the character. Stay tuned to find out more.


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