The ‘100’ Season 7: Release Date, Plot and Updated Cast Revealed

Source: Hollywood Reporter

The Explosive Post-Apocalyptical Science fiction thriller banger is back yet with another malevolent season. It is the first series in ages to be consistently this good. It’s tight, action-packed and has all the elements a science fiction thriller drama should have.

Warning!! Potential spoilers ahead for those who have not to season 6!

August 6, 2019, premiered the last episode of the season leaving many fans puzzled about the fate of Octavia as she vanished after being stabbed by Hope. She has been an important character throughout seasons that keeps the sexy factor for the show at max. More importantly, where did the Dark Commander go to and what is he planning next?  It was the 84th episode in the entry and the producers, director and staff at The CW plan to end the story at a high note with 100th episode being the epic finale to this Post-Apploctical saga. But when will it release and what to expect? Can they wrap up the tale in just 16 episodes? And are there any characters entering the show?

Well, let’s start with the last question. A popular actress Alaina Huffman just signed up to play a recurring character in the show. She will be playing the character named Nikki. The producers’ official description of her states “One of the newly-awakened Eligius IV convicts, Nikki is a bank robber and spree-killer who is both unpredictable and fierce. She will take an unexpected role of leadership.” So damn. We can expect this woman to be highly entertaining and action frenzy. But what leadership begs the question.

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In a rather bold move, The CW ordered season 7 a week prior to the season 6 premiere in April this year. It’s rare for big-time networks to declare renewals like that before time. The season doesn’t have an official premiere date yet. But given season 5 & 6 debuted late April in last two consecutive years. It is likely the new season of our favorite ‘The 100’ will drop somewhere around April-May next year. I am hella excited. I already have my Save Octavia shirt on. It is the best new-gen sci-fi that’s on Tv right now. If you haven’t watched drop all the shows and go watch this first if you want to be shaken out of your currently stable mental state and want something ‘literally’ out of this world. Who are you rooting for this season? Let us know. We love to read your comments.


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