‘Unnamed’ Who Accused Kevin Spacey of Harassment and Molestation Dies Days before Trial, Details Inside

Source: Los Angeles Times

One of the many accusers in Kevin Spacey’s trial has been found dead. There were 6 accusers in total but he was the only one to file a criminal case. The Massage therapist filed claims with the allegation of being forced by the Actor to grab his genitals before asking if he could perform oral sex on him on September 2018, at a house in Malibu. No details surrounding his death been released yet.

He sued him for gender violence, battery, assault, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment. The case is now active in federal court. And a date for the pre-trial conference has been set for next May. However, the case will now unfold is unclear. As there are several accusers and some of them maintaining anonymity for fear of embarrassment or harassment. But only this one turned into a criminal case.

The indecent assault and battery charges were dropped after the accuser refused to testify about a missing phone. Mr. Spacey’s lawyers accused the man of deleting messages and said the phone could be used to prove their Client’s innocence.

Due to his ongoing case, the actor was dropped from his Protagonist role in the Netflix Original House Of Cards and had his scenes edited out from the movie called ‘All the Money in the World’. He also lost his rightful award for the show when The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced, it will no longer give Spacey a special Emmy Award on 20 November “in light of recent events”. Saddest part the show will go on without him. CNN alleges Spacey’s behavior made the work environment toxic. A movie called ‘Gore’ in which Spacey stars also got canceled.

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Spacey recently dodged another legal situation when criminal charges against him were dropped in Nantucket, Mass. Where Spacey pleaded not guilty to felony indecent assault and battery. Prosecutors dropped the case after accuser whois a teenage busboy stopped cooperating. Sounds pretty fishy to me if you ask me.

An investigation by Old Vic Theatre concludes they’ve received 20 personal testimonies against Spacey of alleged inappropriate behavior in his 11-year-old tenure. Out of 20, 16 were made by former staff, all of whom were men.

Actor Richard Dreyfuss son claims Spacey groped him in his father’s presence. Harry told Buzzfeed his father did not see the incident. In the same article by BuzzFeed, Spacey’s lawyer absolutely denied the allegations.

What do you think? Is Spacey really the monster people accusing him of think he is? Or was he falsely accused that’s why most cases against him turned out to be dead-end while it’s true there are a number of them? Let us know your views in the comments.


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