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Two Dutch YouTubers Arrested On Attempting To ‘Storm Area 51’ And Trespassing The Secret Military Base, Details Inside

Trespassers caught near Area 51. Two Men from the Netherlands arrested just after getting three miles into the Nevada national security site. Not surprised they’re not Americans and we all know how relaxed Europe is when it comes to a lot of things. I don’t think it clicked with them just how serious it can be to trespass a military property. It wasn’t even like “Oh hey let’s just cross the line a little bit, click a nice little thumbnail and that’s it.” No, they walked THREE MILES past the line into the private military property. I don’t even know how they got that far.

All thanks to a page made months earlier “Storm Area 51 They Can’t Stop us All” which many speculated to be a joke, many took it seriously. Regardless, little over a hundred people showed up on the day of the event in a town with an official population of only 98. The crowd started to gather way before the event, correspondingly all of the town’s hotels were booked. So many had to camp out which in turn became a huge Alienstock Festival and most creative to date. People from all across America and other countries were selling special T-shirts, idiosyncratic gadgets, like self-cleaning mop looking like a slimy Marshmellow otherworldly object. Galaxy smoothies, alien goodies, and stuff to just dying for.

The 2 Dutchmen sneaked away from the area of huge commotion and slipped their way through the fringe on September 10th where three miles in, they got arrested by a band of deputies. They were identified as Ties Grazier, 20, and Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep, 21.

The crew pleaded guilty to trespassing and illegal parking thus got sentenced to a year in prison. Eventually, the sentence was suspended. The NYE County District Attorney Chris Arabia said the pair will only have to serve three days as part of a plea deal that further suspends 7 days of their sentence if each defendant agrees to pay $2280 in fines.

The deputies seized a number of cameras, a phone, a laptop, and a drone from their car. Both men know how to read, write, and speak in English. They are asked to forfeit all their belongings upon release. Arabia further said in a video statement. “It was important to us that these men serve jail time and pay a substantial penalty. We take the crime seriously and people need to understand that we all not put up with any kind of this nonsense.”

Grazier told authorities he is a YouTuber. In a police video, he said he and his friend “didn’t want any trouble. We have learned from our mistakes.”

Sweep told CNN affiliate KTNV “They just wanted a good look of it. We didn’t have any intention to storm because we leave on the day before the actual storming starts.”

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