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Kylie Jenner Dropped Some Pregnancy Advice for Tana Mongeau After Her Wedding To Jake Paul

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, Jake Paul gets married to Tana Mongeau for all fun n games in Vegas and then gets her pregnant. The ceremony took place on July 28th, in their temporary apartment that they bought in Vegas. Logan was Jake’s best man and a random flight hostess became the bridesmaid. In any case, the marriage is by no means legal.

We all know how the notorious Jakey likes to stir up drama in in the entertainment industry. To the extent, he started rumors about Noah Cyrus wanting to hook up with his wife, and that his wife now happens to be pregnant. Anything to get media attention and the media feeds up on anything. Although Noah and Tana were once involved in a feud over sharing the same ex-boyfriend, rapper Lil Xan. Both often comment with compliments on each others’ Instagram posts. It is possible that something might be brewing between them, after all, Jake and Tana have an open marriage, and he admits that he’s completely fine letting his wife enter into something special with a woman especially Noah.

Tana shot down the rumors about pregnancy by retweeting Jake’s video –walking in and out of the hospital, talking over the phone about his wife’s pregnancy with a friend– saying “I AM NOT HES SUCH A TROLL NOOOOO”  he was lying.

Finally, though, Tana got on board with the joke when she ran into Kylie Jenner and decided to take the opportunity to ask her for some pregnancy advice. Tweeting on September 19, “yo @kyliejenner just coached me thru pregnancy like gave me pregnancy advice suddenly I’m pregnant.” As if her tweet itself doesn’t speak out for how much of a lie it is.

Tana also posted to Instagram captioning the pic, “She gave me pregnancy advice last night… :o.” showing the duo together at the launch event of Sophia Richie’s line with fashion brand Missguided.

So, I guess we should all get ready and prepare for another Jake Pauler to enter the world, UH?

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