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Dolph Ziggler And Goldberg Clashed In A Restaurant In Las Vegas

Two of the most famous wrestlers reportedly had a brawl at a restaurant in Las Vegas, where both the superstars were supposedly invited to a famous actress’ birthday party.

A month back Ziggler and Goldberg both competed in Summerslam 2019 title match, where Ziggler heavily taunted the wrestler. Ziggler managed to surprise Goldberg with 2 quick superkicks to the throat. It was fatal to attempt it the third time as Goldberg saw the opportunity, did a reversal and heavily thrashed his opponent unleashing the fury of Spear., not once but twice before pinning him down. Thus Ziggler lost to Goldberg in less than a minute.

Goldberg is the epitome of raw power in WWE. He’s had an undefeated streak of 178, higher than any wrestler in this era.

WWE star, Dana Brooke. Ziggler has still been continuously taunting the wrestler after losing the championship.

There is still bad blood between them because as Goldberg got up from his table, heading towards the bar, bumped into Ziggler, and the trash immediately picked up from there. Ziggler showing a total lack of character started taunting the wrestler right there, while people started pulling out their phones looking at the spectacle. Without wasting a minute Goldberg lunged at him and managed to clock his chest before being pulled away by Nelson. If not for MMA star, Eryk Sanders and Raw Tag Team Champion Roy Nelson being present, and managing to pull the wrestlers away, the fight may have escalated to a huge level.

Wrestler Goldberg shares the incident on Instagram, “….what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Looks like @heelziggler and I still don’t see eye to eye! Fortunately for him, I wasn’t still hungry AND @ufc’s @erykandes was there to help him get away!!!” #spear #jackhammer #whosnext”

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