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‘The Paper House’ Money Heist Season 4 scheduled Release Date On Netflix?

The last season for the Spanish television crime drama series, known as ‘The Paper House’ in Spain and ‘Money Heist’ over rest of the world, premiered July 19, 2019. The series received critical acclaim for its sophisticated plot, interpersonal dramas, direction and for trying to innovate Spanish television

The show has gained critical success over the years and won awards for Best screenplay, actress, direction, Best supporting television actor and actress, and an Emmy for best drama series. Nominated for several more.

Though Netflix hasn’t dished out any official release date, the good news here is that the showrunner Alex Pina has confirmed that filming and production for the new season have already begun. Alex Pina is also shooting for new Netflix projects. To name a few, Sky Rojo and White Lines.

The show was initially intended to be a two-part story. Nonetheless, Netflix renewed the series for 3rd and fourth parts with a significantly increased budget by April 2018. Variety claimed it is the most expensive series per episode in Spanish history.

The fourth season may very well be the last season considering Alex Pina’s statement .“It was a complicated pulse, there were many reasons not to return. On the one hand, it was a short and concluded series about a robbery. On the other hand, the protagonists end up being millionaires and putting them together for another robbery seemed something remotely impossible, but we realized that this was a band with different characteristics than we see in the stories of perfect robberies.” That ladies and gentlemen sound like a guy who is true to his work.

According to the trailer and leaks, it seems the old cast is coming back, with some fresh faces. I would love to see some fresh faces as excited as I am to see the old crew return. Hope they get included as the recurring cast.

So if you are excitedly waiting for the new season, make sure to get your popcorn and a big-screen ready. No other way to watch this masterpiece. Seeing how honest and upfront Alex is with the viewers, he’s sure to give his best to the new season without trying to milk the franchise already having other projects to work on.

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