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Rapper Lil Wayne Fined $150k After He Failing To Revert Back To Concert Lawsuit

Rapper Lil Wayne fined $150k after he was no able to revert back to concert lawsuit.

Lil Wayne is fined for about $150,000 (£121,000) in charges for probably generating fraudulent companies to maintain fake concerts and it turns out he didn’t even reply to the lawsuit.

According to new legal documents, the rapper’s been ordered to fork over $150,000 to Ramin Natan, who sued Weezy for violation of contract and cheating. It’s a default judgment … meaning the judge ruled for Natan because Wayne not reacted to the lawsuit.

Natan registered suit upon Lil Wayne and Migos back in the month of January, alleging they were “Ponzi scheme artists” who created shell companies to get capital for shows they never prepared to really perform.

In the suit, Natan required he loaned $500,000 to a person named Eric Stenger to support Weezy shows. Natan alleged Stenger lied about being a concert promoter and was in cahoots with Wayne from the jump. Natan claimed Wayne received the $500,000 but never performed and never gave back the cash.

Lil Wayne was admitted with the suit but he avoided to respond according to the legal docs, so the judge declared a default judgment upon Weezy. The courts will give a defendant one ultimate chance to respond.

This is the latest in a string of legal troubles for the Lil Wayne. Previously, this year he warned his former record company Moments in Time with legal action because they wouldn’t return an old lyric notebook of his, instead, they were attempting to auction it for £189,000. He also filed a £15.2 million lawsuit against former attorney Ronald Sweeney for allegedly cheating him out of the same amount while he expressed the musician for 13 years. What a year for Weezy.

Wayne has not commented about this incident, so we are waiting to see what he is going to do.

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