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WhatsApp To Stop Working On These iPhones And Android Devices From February 1, 2020.

Before some months, WhatsApp declared that the app will not end running on Windows phone at the end of this year. WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app that has over a billion active users. Whatsapp is famous all over the world and receives a lot of traffic through festivals and big events.

This arrived as a astonish to several Windows phone users beyond the world as the Facebook-owned immediate messaging platform WhatsApp is an indispensable part of everyone’s life today. A day without WhatsApp is difficult to think.

WhatsApp now arrives unpleasant news for some Android and iPhone users. The world’s most beloved messaging app is intriguing to stop support as it does not think to grow for these platforms. WhatsApp has notified by its FAQ page that all Android phones working on Android 2.3.7 operating system and iPhones working on iOS 7 would not support WhatsApp from February 1 in 2020. onwards.

A reference revealed, the company has also said that WhatsApp will not be available in the Microsoft Store after July 1, 2019. WhatsApp has determined to stop support for smartphones working on both Android and iOS platforms.

According to a source, WhatsApp has revealed that for some earlier operating systems, users won’t be capable to build new accounts or substantiate enduring accounts.

Though WhatsApp has told that its determination to stop support of the Facebook-owned app for these Android phones and iPhones would not stir many users and only those people who are still using old Android phones and iPhones would be stirred.

We got from a reference, WhatsApp also asks users to operate phones working KaiOS 2.5.1+, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2. From the last two years Reliance, Jio and WhatsApp struggled together to take WhatsApp support to JioPhone and JioPhone.

WhatsApp has been supplementing new characteristics frequently and few characteristics from this need robust phones and fresher Android and iOS versions to operate accurately.

Characteristics like playing videos undeviatingly in the chatbox, fingerprint authentications etc are supported massive and need robust phones with ample RAM and fresher OS.

WhatsApp has revealed that several phones won’t be apt to support the characteristic that it designs to bring in prospect, therefore it is stopping the support for them.

“We’ll no longer actively grow for these operating systems; some characteristics might end running at any time. If you recently use an older operating system, we suggest updating to a latest version…,” WhatsApp explained on its FAQ page.

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